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RED GARDEN HOSE Wreath -Big Ladybug White Spring Flowers Gingham Ribbon

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Top 10 Best Ideas for Well-Organized Home

Once again, pallets prove to be amazing organizers. In this project, blogger Kylee transformed a pallet into a space for plants, shovels, gardening tools, and a hose. She even made a small door on top (you can spot it in the left-hand corner) for addition

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DIY Hose And Lantern Holder. 4x4x4 deck post, quikrete, deck post cap finial (screw it & glue it), plant holder for lantern.

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40 Creative DIY Easter Wreath Ideas to Beautify Your Home

Garden Hose Spring Wreath DIY (updated link). materials: -15 foot garden hose -Twist tie -Silk flowers -Butterfly clip (optional, decor) -Garden gloves -Ribbon

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Special Listing - Red Heart Garden Hose Reel Holder With Faucet

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Horseshoes Garden Hose Holder / Bridle Strap Holder