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How to Make an Outdoor Garbage Can Shed

Garbage cans are ugly perched against the side of your home, so why not build your own shed to conceal them and still provide easy access? With basic woodworking you can build a custom garbage shed to hide trash cans perfectly. This is a free-standing shed that fits 3 trashcans; there are 3 lids & 2 doors with an open back.

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2'x4' Utility Shed Originally designed for garbage can storage, it is an ideal lean-to utility shed for all kinds of storage - with easy access - top to bottom!

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Building a Garbage Can Enclosure from Scrap Lumber total cost $30

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6x3 Oscar Trash Can Storage Shed

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Hide your garbage cans by building a simple Garbage Can Enclosure. Also known as a Trash Can Shed. Get the step by step building plans here!

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Garbage can shed so they are hidden, the smell is confined, and animals don't get in! Perfect for moms house!

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