When winter comes, it seems that everything becomes monotonous and dull. The weather is too frightful to play outside and the leaves all fell off. Especially on a snow day, your kids always find that the usual games they played cannot continue in the snow. As an omnipotent parent, how can you make your kids […]

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The wink game can either be played inside or outside and require little to no preparation. The kids are sitting in circle with their eyes closed. The game leader will determine a “winker” by touchi…

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ABC games that are great for the outdoors. Chalk games, water play ideas, movement activities and sand and dirt play ideas to work on letter recognition!

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This activity is a great way to turn your trash into treasure. It's also a fun game to play outside! http://www.greenkidcrafts.com/plastic-jug-game-of-catch/

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We have a small yard, so utilizing space and making the most of what we have is the goal. Painted checker board and tic tac toe on picnic table. Painted rocks like lady bugs and bumblebees for pieces. Now 2 more games for kids to play outside.

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Four Square is a classic summer game to play outside with your kids! It teach problem solving skills, communication and of course, hand-eye coordination.

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