Oh yes! Yoga is sure to put the shine back in your unicorn! ;-) #yoga #yogahumour #yogafunnies

Yoga changes your brain, see!

Yoga funny

Yoga funny

A Simple Pose Can Relife Your Back Pain FOREVER -> Click To Learn More, Finding your center in meditation! Lol , #yoga, #fitness, #homeworkout, #burnfat, #weightloss

Meditation - pause and find your center ;

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Haha U have good style but choose to wear yoga pants often.

First Day Of Yoga Class Be Like...

Off the Mark Comic Strip, January Mark Parisi.

The Good Stuff

A post about finding a gratitude practice.

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I'm sorry for what I said before I yoga-ed ! :) Self love self care meditation inspiration mindfulness relaxation

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It's like that sometimes

One of the amazing things about yoga is that despite the great benefits that it produces, it requires no costs

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May your coffee, pelvic floor, intuition, and self-appreciation

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Yoga people are supposed to be calm.

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Of a donut or donut hole.

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Unfortunately I practice "Worrier Pose" a little too often, especially during yoga class. I'm always worried that I'm not doing the pose correctly or as well as other people. I need to learn to let go so that I can move forward with my yoga practice.

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More like a giant head rush

This makes me giggle.

Oh my god lololololol

I want this!  Can someone be creative and make this for me if I get the T-Shirt?

Would be good for power/hot yoga class!