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50 Most WTF Animal Pics Of The Year

Horse Face....obviously it's ten times more attractive!!! DUHHHHHH!!!! Srsly ppl get with it!! LOL

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"Who are u. Do u have something to eat. U smells funny. What kind of horse are U. What of are horse does run on two legs. Would u be my friend, shal we play"

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funny horse pictures - Bing Images - Come bet with me - 2 for 1 up to $A150.0

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I have been mostly unsuccessful as far as capturing these expressions from Gibson, but he makes them all.

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This face is much cuter when a horse makes it instead of a girl at a bar on Facebook

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What is your Job going to be in the afterlife?

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Because duck face got old…

@denise grant Muir The horse in the second picture's nostrils are almost as big as yours!!!

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