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Master Tonic 101 - Heal Thyself! This stuff is amazing, please read the entire article, a must read for all. Herbology, Herbalism, and Herbal Medicine


Cayenne Pepper as a Healer! Great for blood purifier, head ache reliever, and cancer-fighter!

Colloidal Silver is known to kill 650 different kinds of pathogens, including bacteria, fungus and viruses in addition to many others. A must-stock!

Home Remedies for Pneumonia

Pneumonia Home Remedies Learn more about the natural health benefits of which home remedies kit serves you with amazing nutrition facts that helps to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Did you know that pneumonia is the number one killer in children under five years and the world’s sixth leading killer in adults? And the numbers were higher before the discovery of antibiotics. Pneumonia is caused by inflammation in the lungs and or bacterial, viral or fungal infections. Even though antibiotics can treat this condition, …

Now that it's winter time... it's cold... and wet... Tis the season for bacterial and viral infections like pneumonia. According to WebMD, Pneumonia is an acute infection of the lungs. Usually pneumonia is a mild disease, but some forms are very dangerous and require a hospital stay. Pneumonia can be caused by a bacterial infection, a virus, fungus, or parasite. Pneumonia is most common in those with weaker or compromised immune systems...seniors fall in this category and are less abl...

PC: Thomas Dickinson | Bear, a sub-adult hawksbill sea turtle, was recently diagnosed with fungal pneumonia. An endoscope, purchased thanks to a generous donation, was used to detect Bear's new condition. We are indebted to all of our supporters for their continuous help. For more information on Bear, please visit