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Image depicts the three types of functional assessment: direct observation, informant methods and functional analysis.

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The 4 Functions of Behavior: Just Take a SEAT! Great resource for identifying why behaviors occur in your classroom!

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How to Conduct a Functional Assessment & Develop Behavior Plans to Reduce Problem Behavior - A Functional Analysis is an assessment by which the controlling environmental variables (functions) of behavior are identified. Once variables or functions are identified they can be manipulated to change behavior . After a Functional Analysis, interventions that are least restrictive, and have the best possibility of accelerating or decelerating a behavior can be implemented.

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Part 2 of 3 Functional Analysis - Functional Analysis.PDF

What is Task Analysis?

Task Analysis is an Evidence Based Practice for Autism. I use task analysis to teach sequential skills to the students in my Special Education classroom. Come read about how I use Task Analysis for teaching all kinds of skill.

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Functional Analysis Example "Functional Analysis is the most precise, rigorous, and controlled method of conducting a functional assessment" This is a very basic outline of a functional analysis and is hypothetical. It is provided to give a general outline of how an analysis might be carried out. Never attempt to do this without a professional supervising the entire assessment. This is a line graph showing hypothetical data and showing how the head banging behaviour is maintained by…

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