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Morning! It's #mugshotmonday which is the perfect excuse to ask your opinion about these prototypes! Me and mugs have a slightly rocky relationship. There are so many factors that contribute to them either feeling beautiful or not. Plus there are a gazillion design aspects which make them super comfy and functional or not. Getting the handle curve right isn't something I can rely on yet. And don't even talk to me about cracks appearing during the drying process where the handle joins the…


idea, Re-design Project: after discussing "design," have the students choose an object that they feel needs to be "re-designed," and have them tackle aesthetics and function (even have fake customer peer critique role playing) until they submit a final draft drawing of the newly improved version of the product they re-designed.


'Aromea' is a twist on the tea bag that gives you never before control over the strength of your tea! Its unique functionality lies in the innovative yet simplistic design of the packaging... READ MORE at Yanko Design !


Jaguar C X75 Bond Concept 2015 (1600x1200) "I still wonder why this car is not in production?, seeing this fully functional prototype leaves not much speculation that this car would be awesome" SORENZEN.


The Architectural Review's Folio Monodnok Proposal for National History Museum Monadnock proposed a system of access for a museum in an urban context, a prototype which is based on an arrangement of connected rooms. Monumental yet intimate, this collection of rooms offers a wide variety of spaces, with precisely defined proportions. The result is a vast and permanent matrix of rooms which allows an infinite amount of changes and dynamics. (Domus)

from Unframed The LACMA Blog

New Acquisition: Donald Judd, Prototype Desk

Donald Judd: Prototype Desk, 1978. No offense to the great DJ, but this could be made easily enough + larger flat files on one side for a longer, even more functional studio table...