Invisibliity Cloak by HyperStealth Biotechnology, Guy Cramer: Quantum Stealth material bends light waves around the subject and removes visual, infrared (night vision), and thermal signatures and works without cameras, batteries, or mirrors. Click through to the video! #Biotech #Invisiblilty_Cloak #Quantum_Stealth Functional prototype was shown to both U.S. and Canadian military.

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Apple Computer: Evolution of Design ( Macintosh /Steve Jobs / Steve Wozniak…
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idea, Re-design Project: after discussing "design," have the students choose an object that they feel needs to be "re-designed," and have them tackle aesthetics and function (even have fake customer peer critique role playing) until they submit a final draft drawing of the newly improved version of the product they re-designed.

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The first fully-functional prototype built as part of the all-new GT's development, this 2004 Ford GT Prototype CP-1 is a highly unique ride. Since it was built early in development, it has a number of features not found on later...

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I was cruising around kijiji looking for a cheap but functional guitar stand. I find that I play far more frequently when my guitar is visible. After awhile of finding cheap options that looked...

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Google has revealed the first functional prototype of its new self-driving car, following the debut of the "early mockup" earlier this year.

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German start-up Floatility has designed a light-weight, solar-powered, electric scooter to redefine modern commuting, and has said that Stratasys FDM and PolyJet 3D Printing solutions were absolutely integral to creating the functional prototype that brought their product from development to launch.

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