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Identity crisis? No, I'm a primary school teacher!: No full stops? ... call the police! Capital letters finger space

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Magic Editing Pencil {Free} --- Let the magic editing pencil do the reminding! You'll see students' work once they have made sure of the following: - write on the line - used a capital letter - used finger spaces - used a full stop or punctuation mark - read over their work There are 2 versions.

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FREE!! "Punctuation Pals" – Show that punctuation marks are our pals with this infographic to explain twelve of our ever-useful punctuation marks. Take a look at the full stop, question mark, exclamation mark, comma, speech marks, apostrophe, brackets, colon, semicolon, single dash, hyphen and bullet point.....Follow for Free "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools & other fun stuff :)

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Punctuation Task Cards: Using End Marks and Capital Letters

Fun task cards to help kids concentrate on using correct end marks (periods / full stops, question marks and exclamation marks) and capital letters.

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#ausbts17 Writing Goals Chart - Editable

Writing Goals:A writing goal peg chart to help students track their progress. 12 clear writing goals that include pictorial examples. The goals included are:- I can use full stops at the end of my sentences.- I can write letters without reversing them.- I can use interesting words.- I can use connectives to signal time.- I can write correctly on the dotted thirds.- I can use capital letters for names of people, places, days and months.- I can use speech marks in my writing- I can use…

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Punctuation Song Posters FREE | Teaching children how to use punctuation in their writing, and how to use punctuation to read with fluency in reading, is an expectation of the Common Core. This free download is just what you need to help teach your kiddos this important skill in a fun way!

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