I love the PA nights when the full moon smiles through the rain clouds. It always looks its best in May, around the 25th... It just doesn't look the same in SC. When you're alone, lonely and feeling the loss of those you love and loved... Nothing like the sound of the rain on the roof. Liquid music to wash away the blues...

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Full Moon Party in Thailand... May not be my scene, but I gotta try it once while in Thailand, right?!

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Earth horizon. Moon rising in front of the milky way. Beautiful picture of outer space #outer #space

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The phases of the moon form an important part of a witches practice, whether one simply keeps their eye upon the sky to acknowledge the moons movements or participates eagerly in Esbats i.e. full moon rituals that celebrate the moon's great feminine energy. As the moon enters into different phases, its energy and how it affects the inhabitants of earth is altered.

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* Ancient Magical Recipes Online * Nature through Spells and Herbal Magic * Magic Spells Herbs: Planet Vibes: Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius May 25 2013, Milk Full Moon, Full Flower Full Moon

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Shine on Harvest Moon. The Harvest moon falls on the full moon closest to the Autumn equinox. This may occur in September or October.

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03/27/13 Please pray for Angela regarding her job situation. She has been working two different transcription jobs. The hours for one of the jobs has been cut. The other contract is under review and might change in April. Please pray that she finds a great way to make up for any loss of income. She specifically requests prayer for a test she will be taking on March 28 for a potential employer. May she do very well on the test and not be nervous about it. I ask for God's grace and favor for…

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