21 Michelle Tanner Quotes We Can All Relate To… I stayed up all night to kiss a dog? This is nuts! Hahaha
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"When I get to college...you'll be working at McDonalds." Stephanie was definitely my favorite #FullHouse kid :) #Early90's

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And her witty comebacks were well beyond her years. | Community Post: 21 Reasons Michelle Tanner Was The Cutest Child To Ever Grace Your TV Set

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Full House.. and then they love each other and that super awesome sad song comes on when he leaves.. Michelle's smiling <3

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Observation 1: Social Development. Around this age children's mortality is ruled-based and focused on rewards and punishment. In this picture, Stephanie gets in trouble for feeding her little sister dog food. After her dad punishes her, she probably won't do it again because she knows it is wrong and she will get in trouble for it.

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