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How to Cook a Perfect Frozen Steak

How to Cook a Perfect Frozen Steak - You will never worry about thawing steaks again!


Why you should never thaw frozen steaks before cooking them

Cooking with fresh beef will always be the ultimate way to prepare a steak, but it turns out that using a frozen steak is your next-best option.

Why’d She Rub Corn Starch On A Piece Of Steak? What A GREAT Secret!

Interesting Most of us our taught to let our meat come to room temperature. .. Cornstarch? That's a techniques my Grandmother from Oklahoma taught me.. Tell me what you think on my blog!


The Trick To Cooking Steak: Cook It Frozen... In this video tutorial you'll learn how to cook frozen steak and it will taste just like steak from a restaurant.


Instant Pot Marinated Steak

For fantastic, steakhouse flavored meat straight from your Instant Pot, try this simple, four ingredient marinaded steak you can have on hand in your freezer for a quick weeknight meal.


Philly Cheesesteak Sliders

These sliders make great party food, especially during football season. Make everyone happy at your next game day party with Philly Cheesesteak sliders!


Frozen Seared Steak

My sis found this recipe - how to cook a perfect steak from a frozen steak. I need to try this someday.