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"Do you hate it when they change the book cover to the movie image it was adapted in. The movie was made from the book. Not the other way round. Duhh!"

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And if it's true that Barnes and noble is going out of business I shall buy the building with all the books in it.

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Its funny because A) its true B) Its Olaf! C) I watched frozen for the first time today and D) as soon as I finished watching it, the first thing I did was draw this scene. lol. :D

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Let It Go

No offence to anyone, but I hate Frozen (apart from Sphen and Olaf- they're awesome!). But this is still hilarious!

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I just enjoy that fans put that much thought into it. Like d8sney was probably like, this would be cute and done

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I wish this would happen to me :( Need to know people who like the same books and in the same fandom as me.

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15 Slightly Odd Things All Book Lovers Have Done

Going to the bookstore when you are literally broke and don't have any money to buy books.

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The Frozen Witch Book One by Odette C. Bell

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