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DIY All-Natural Hair Serum For Frizzy Hair

Need a little help taming a frizzy mane? This DIY all-natural hair serum's gotcha covered :) Natural beauty and haircare.

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Does your hair ever feel very dry? You probably need to add moisture back in with a deep hair treatment to restore moisture and softness to it. Homemade hair treatments help your dry hair feel rejuvenated and moisturized, frizzy hair become smooth and soft.

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Seriously! All of you straight haired people need to just stop! I'm probably not going to listen and I probably don't really care!!!!!

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A full curly-frizzy long red hair woman is what I live for in terms of all the things God has created to be with man...My number one thing on earth to enjoy is to be with a beautiful woman like this some day...

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My mother said to me the other day: "It looks like you haven't brushed your hair." All I could do was laugh and want to cry.

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Finally, a leave-in conditioner that really works! Adios frizzy, dry hair! Hello to Restore Leave-In awesomeness.

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12 Curly Hair Hacks That Will Completely Change Your Life

his comprehensive guide has the best tips for every hair type. Get ready to achieve the best hair of your life — no hot tools required.

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Can a Woman With Fine Hair Use Hair Oil?

Can a Woman With Fine Hair Use Hair Oil?: Daily Beauty Reporter: Daily Beauty Reporter: uh-oh, that's me... ♥