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Frigates - But from which navy!?! Anyone have any idea. If so, please let me know via comments. Thanks!

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USS RATHBURNE (FF-1057) Fast Frigate. 3rd ship; 2nd deployment; 2nd decommissioning

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The 5 greatest warships of all time

The USS Constitution underway. | Wikimedia Commons

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Around 1700, the English began building a class of warship which was only second in size to the Ship-of-the-Line (battleship). Frigates were three-masted with a raised forecastle and quarterdeck. They had anywhere from 24 to 38 guns on her deck. Faster than the ship-of-the-lines, frigates were used for escort purposes, and sometimes used to hunt pirates. Only a few pirates were ever in command of a frigate as most pirates exercised discretion and withdrew rather than do battle with a…

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