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Sadly more often then not, people who arent related by blood become more like family then those who are

Beautiful and true. If you are so fortunate to actually have a friend who will stand by you, (and not just snub you for making a mistake, even a HUGE mistake,) when you've failed, been wrong, messed up big-time, or you just need someone to be there and support you through the good and bad...You must hold onto that RARE friend really tight because they are so few and far between.❤

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As I have gotten older I have realized the significance of true friendship in my life. It has become apparent that the majority of people who care about me - I mean really genuinely care about what's going on in my life - are my friends.

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In So much gratitude for always connecting to more Souls that are vibrating at the same frequency. We are the Oneness. I love you infinitely. <3 -Mary Long-

Being family is determined more by behavior than blood. Read more family quotes:

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Mám ráda, když si nemusím dávat pozor, co říkám, Tak to je, když víš, že jsi s těmi správnými lidmi.

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