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Artemis Dreaming: Detail from The Prophet Ezekiel fresco — 1508-12, Sistine ChapelMichelangelo


Ancient Roman fresco - Pomegranate tree - Villa di Livia (Rome) - Underground garden room More


artemisdreaming: Detail from The Prophet Ezekie fresco — 1508-12,  Sistine Chapel Michelangelo

Fresco, garden painting with two birds. From the triclinium in the House of the Golden Bracelet, Pompeii.

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Roman civilization, 1st century b.C. Fresco depicting garden with...

Expecting the same cold stonewalls as in the hall, Claryn was astonished to see that the walls and even the ceiling were covered with a beautiful mural of a garden in the moonlight. “Chess. This is beautiful. Did you paint this?” “I did." (p. 236)

Fountain and bird (detail) from a fresco of the triclinium of the House of the Golden Bracelet, Pompeii, Italy

Roman garden painting, detail, first century A.D.


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Bird from a fresco in the House of The Golden Bracelet. Pompeii (100 BC - AD…