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Marine Le Pen, French National Front Leader, Speaks at Her Hate-Speech Trial

Marine Le Pen French National Front Leader Speaks at Her Hate-Speech Trial

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French FN President Marine Le Pen Gives A Press Conference In Paris

'Their world is crumbling. Ours is building': French National Front leader Marine Le Pen declare Trump election a victory for populist politics | Daily Mail

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Feb 8 Islamic State Makes French National Front Its ‘Prime Target’

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Marine Le Pen accuses Nigel Farage of slander over antisemitism claims

The pot calling the kettle black! Let them fight amongst themselves...


Marine LePen: Front National 'not racist' - BBC News: French National Front leader Marine Le Pen has defended her party from accusations of…

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French National Front makes huge gains in regional elections

The anti-immigration party received at least per cent of the votes and won six out of 13 areas in the regional election's first round less than three weeks after the Paris terror attacks.

In a recent interview with RT, France's French National Front party leader, Marine Le Pen, warned the world of the dangers ahead should Hillary be elected US President.

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French National Front's black and Arab supporters

The BBC's Henri Astier asks why France's far-right National Front has supporters among black people and immigrants.

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National Front leader Le Pen acquitted of inciting hatred

French National Front leader Marine le Pen is acquitted of charges of inciting hatred on the December 2010 campaign trail.