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Images collected from the French National Archives... ...of soldiers and civilians on or near the Western Front.

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Front cover of Vogue magazine – February 1922. French National Library (Public Domain)

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WWI, 1916. "Glad to be out of the trenches. French troops enjoying a period of respose in the rear after service in the trenches in front of Verdun." The nations at war, published 1917.

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Members of the algerian FLN (Front de Libération National / National Front of Liberation) fighting the french Army. Rifles are german Mauser 98.

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Le Pen targets halaal and kosher food: French National Front to stop

French National Front to stop Muslim and Jewish pupils having pork-free school dinners

French National Front makes huge gains in regional elections

The anti-immigration party received at least per cent of the votes and won six out of 13 areas in the regional election's first round less than three weeks after the Paris terror attacks.