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French Kiss Couple

Anna and the French Kiss omg im crying everyone of u reading this go read the book RIGHT NOW

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A friend who lives in Toulouse, France, explained that what Americans call, "French Kiss" is not French at all. This description is, in fact, a true "French Kiss." #FrenchKiss

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Happy to say I was in love with my husband in Paris :) Deffinetly kissed all over that city :)

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"I hate Paris in the springtime/I hate Paris in the fall/I hate Paris in the summer when it sizzles/I hate Paris in the winter when it drizzles/I hate Paris, oh why oh why do I hate Paris?/Because my love is there... with his slut girlfriend." My mom and I's all time fav movie FRENCH KISS! "All men are bastards!"

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French Kiss (1995)

French Kiss - classic romantic comedy on my top 10 list for wine inspired movies -

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oooo la la, Practice your french , have a nice french dinner, or picnic , what the movie "French kiss" and then brush up on the art of the French Kiss.

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French Kiss - "I like you. But I don't like the way you say with your face all scrunched up, 'You're French, aren't you?' And then I don't like how you say, with your eyes all squinty, "All men are bastards'."

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