Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas In the course of six months in 1961, four hundred and fifty Freedom Riders expanded the realm of the possible in American politics. They took on Jim Crow--and triumphed.


Freedom Riders Bus Burned near Anniston, Alabama, 1961. The whites firebomb a bus full of Freedom Riders in Anniston, Georgia. White mobs regularly beat riders as they leave the buses. But Parchman State Penitentiary is reserved for the real criminals—the Freedom Riders themselves. They have all of their belongings taken. Strip searched, they are put under maximum security.


Freedom Riders. Watch the full documentary at PBS' site. The site also includes profiles of the freedom riders, a timeline, and articles on the issues behind the freedom rides.


PBS: American Experience-Freedom Riders. I only hope I have a fraction of the courage of the freedom riders to do the right thing.


Never forget the courage and sacrifice of the Freedom Riders. Firebombed Freedom Ride bus in Annison, Alabama, on Mother's Day, May 14, 1961. Photo courtesy of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.


"Freedom Riders" Trailer . American Experience. (PBS). This video is very short, but still very informative about what the Freedom Rider movement was.

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Photos: The 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Riders

1961-MAY-20 ALABAMA FREEDOM RIDERS - As the Freedom Riders' bus arrived at the Montgomery station, a mob awaited them. The mob first went after reporters and cameramen, throwing them down on the ground and smashing their cameras. Then the mob turned on the Freedom Riders. Jim Zwerg, the only white male student among a group of Freedom Riders, stands bloody after he was beaten at the bus station. The police present did nothing. (AP Photo/Montgomery Advertiser)


Get On the Bus: The Freedom Riders of 1961


Freedom Riders. 60 different Freedom Rides crisscrossed the south. 450 riders participated and over 300 were arrested for defying the Jim Crow Laws.