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Free game for beginning blends

Free game for beginning blends. Use this fun game during center time or in small group instruction. "Print this free, fun game to help your students master those tricky beginning blends! If your beginning reader needs help with those tricky beginning blends, try this game! This is a simple game to print and play. After you print it, get playing pieces and a die. Move around the board and read each pair of words that you land on. Whoever gets to Finish first, wins. Simple!"


Conquering Those Math Facts!

Practice those multiplication facts with this FREE fun game, plus get links to great online multiplication and division games on this site!


Using Games to Teach Parts of Speech

How do you introduce the parts of speech using games? Read about lots of free. fun games I like to use in my classroom.


Christmas Guessing Game Printables

Free printable Christmas guessing game. Great for family game night!


These Christmas Bump games are a fun way for partners to practice math facts during the holiday season! One game each for addition and multiplication fluency--free in the download!


Play a game of Noggle FREE! Fun interactive game your students will love - great for practicing all operations with numbers! (game works on PCs, MACs, and IPADs)!


Roll It! Rounding Game

Roll It! Rounding Game is tons of fun for practicing rounding numbers or rounding decimals in math centers. Learn how to play this rounding game and download your free game boards. Great for grades 2-6!