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How your bank is reacting to competition

How do banks respond to competition? Borrowing money from a peer-to-peer lender or changing currency with an online firm can be cheaper. But the lure of free bank accounts, and hidden risks associated with peer-to-peer are muddying the waters.

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Millions missing out on £600 free bank cash

Millions missing out on £600 free bank cash - Telegraph

Shopping for the holidays can be tough and even tougher on your bank account. Here are stress-free gifts under $25 for everyone!

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Bitcoin as Swiss Bank Accounts Despite volatility Bitcoin is the best currency to perform in the world for five of the past six years. The main value rapidly increases in digital currency and the decentralized nature that it is considered the total security asset for investors and traders. For decades Swiss bank accounts were the ideal overall asset for most entrepreneurs and investors due to anonymity and confidentiality. Before the formation of an agreement between the EU and Switzerland…