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Freddie Mercury Last Song

Great recording artists are called artists because they take time and emotion to write their own music. Pop music is dead.

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What would you do after music Freddie?

his face in the last panel x) rip beautiful/sensational/too-talented-for-this-world freddie meercury

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Queen and David Bowie - Under Pressure - 1981 Album=Hot Space Song Lyrics

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Freddie Mercury - if anyone had to 'be me' it was Freddie. I think he warrants a place on the Yay we're not all the same board too!

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After randomly hearing some queen songs again, i wanted to make a poster for one of the most awesome band/singer ever, cause I've been a fan for a long time! Feel free to use it as your own wallpap...

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Freddie Mercury -"I Want To Break Free", 1980's. ° one of my very favorite songs...EVER!

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The stars, the Moon.. the Night sky. Our creator put them all there for a reason. Pay more attention to them, and get closer to him in the process.

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