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Frank Iero has some of the best tattoo's i've seen on anyone. Love his mary tattoo.

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I love his hand tattoos so much! As well as all his other tattoos ❤️ not to mention the fact he wears bracelets with his kids names on them, how cute! ❤️❤️

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i love that he wanted to not be able to cover it w a collar because he didn't want a real job I love him

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Frank Iero.. he's so little << I'm like 4 inches shorter than him why can't I be tall

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Fun ghoul symbol. I quite like this <<< i used this as inspiration for my art. Thank you to whoever made this

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My Chemical Romance - Art Is The Weapon (part of a forum message from Frank Iero during the promotion of Danger Days - True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys)

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Happy birthday frank! Man, all i could ever wish for you is to be happy and enjoy life as it is, that's what i've learnt from you :3

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This receives the honor of being my first tattoos- "Halloween" and "Bookworm" -Inspired by Frankie Iero, the greatest guitar player in the best band ever- my alltime favourite: My Chemical Romance- aaaannnd i am SOO a bookworm. and i love halloween and my birthday is a week before. Perfect tattoos for me.<3

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How is this dude just so fuckin perfect like cmon Frank I had a life ya know. Nah it's okay steal my life

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My Chemical Romance ~ Frank Iero (Let's hope I don't get beat up for wearing an MCR shirt next year//)

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i swear im not a model im just frank iero

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