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I looked the fact that the glasses help you focus on one part of the image. It frames what is wanted to be seen without just taking an ordinary photo.

Фотограф Andy To \ Photography Энди То (Andy To) — калифорнийский фотограф, видеограф и путешественник. Снимает масштабные, захватывающие дух, пейзажи.

That Andy (Andy To) - Californian photographer, videographer and explorer. Removes scale, breath-taking landscapes.


Symmetry has always been a source of obsession in architecture. In Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, and later during the Renaissance, symmetry was used as a way to find true beauty, while in the early Modern movement its eradication was an.

Using framing in photography compositions to draw interest

"House Sparrow" captured by Ved Prakash Upadhyay. (Click image to see more from Ved Prakash Upadhyay.


Stunning Urban Photography - this would work if the puddle is in shadow and the reflected object is in full morning or afternoon light. Bracketing the shot would be a smart move. handmade earrings, choker and women soks

Petra-Reimann-talks-to-Predrag-Pajdic-for-Yatzer-16.jpg (714×1000)

Petra Reimann talks to

The Momentous And Magnificent World Of Mountain Photography - Bored Art

The Momentous And Magnificent World Of Mountain Photography

This would be a good idea for a city photography layout in back hallway. Color prints with oversized frames.

Gallery brass 8x10 picture frame

Great combination of retro furniture and simple pictures in frames . Large picture mounts focus the eye on the image.

Optical Illusion Photo Frame

This Optical Illusion Photo Frame Will Make You Do A Double-Take

Optical Illusion Photo Frame