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i can't believe people do not think that irish dancing is a sport.It is a sport that most people can't do. i know that because i actually am an irish dancer


A lot of the things in radiology arent very pleasant to see so it might be good to have a strong stomach


charliebowater: “ Submerge. The fight to keep your head above water can be a tough one sometimes. Photoshop CS6, Wacom Intuos 5 and an hour or two of messy sketching. ”


When I am dead tired kicked and bruised all over my legs, head in agony from constant headers, lungs ache, throat sore from yelling, heart raising, and I'm being constantly shoved,pushed,pressured,kicked, scratched, and knocked down all a across the Soccer Field................. YOU BEST BELIEVE I GET UP READY FOR ANOTHER ROUND!!


Jade comes in a few varieties: Nephrite is a rock comprising mostly massive microcrystalline to cryptocrystalline felted amphiboles of the tremolite - actinolite series. Nephrite is one of the two rocks termed as jade, the other being jadeitite = jadeite jade, consisting mostly of jadeite. Both are extremely tough and resistant to fracture such that they have been used for making choppers and blades since Neolithic times.


DeMarini Youth Distance -12 Baseball Bat with a 2 1/4-Inch Barrel (17-Ounce/29-Inch) by Demarini. $39.95. ?For long lasting performance DX1 Alloy: Delivers perfect balance of high KSI strength and fracture toughness

Understanding Fracture Toughness by Thomas Hill, PhD Thomas Hill, PhD, emphasizes the importance of this metric— and how it can affect your clinical practice decisions.


Amblygonite - Transparent amblygonite, commonly colorless to light yellow, is sometimes faceted and used as a gemstone. However, when set in jewelry it is prone to fracture, chipping and abrasion, as its hardness and toughness are poor. The main sources for gem quality amblygonite are Brazil and the U.S. Other localities include Australia, France, Germany, Namibia, Norway, and Spain. From Brazil 29.37 ct