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Dreamy fox Stamp - Small hand carved simple rubber stamp - Fox head stamp

A delicate dreamy fox stamp for your special diy projects. The stamp is caved from quality rubber by hand. The color of gum we use differs from piece to piece, so your stamp may be a little bit different from the image, but will retain the quality of the image. The stamp is sold in two variants: - unmounted and you will be able to use it with a clear acrylic block - mounted on wooden handle Image SIZE: 2.6 x 2.2 cm ( 1 1⁄32 in by 27⁄32 in ) CARE: Keep from direct sunlight and heat…


For one with fox as a totem, hair is very important. If a change is needed on certain levels, changing the hair to reflect this desire helps to activate fox medicine and it's magic of shape shifting. The changeability of the colors reflects change of the expression of the inner force. A study of colors and their symbology would also be very insightful. In general, the Red Fox is associated with sexual energy, the kundalini, and the freeing of the creative life force.


Forest animals heads vector graphics with commercial use printable


llbwwb: Todays Cuteness:) fox by Bellam. The beautiful painting of the fox you posted is by Joni Johnson Godsy. You can see her name on the bottom. I don’t know who this clown Bellam is but he didn’t paint it. Please refer to: Thank you!  — hajandrade


Papercraft fox head - printable DIY template