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Teaching poetry in the upper grades can seem like a difficult task, but this poetry unit will walk your students through 11 forms of poetry and and 8 elements of poetry. The end product is a complete book of original poems!

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Types and Characteristic of Poetry: Narrative, Free Verse, Lyrical, Humorous


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Easy Teach Poetry Unit

Finally, an EASY TEACH unit that will have your kiddos writing 6 common forms of poetry in no time. Perfect for Nation Poetry Month or to help support your own poetry lesson. Includes Anthology Project! ($)

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I'm Emily, an 18 year old from Surrey studying for a BA in English Literature at the University of...

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Poetry rap

This resource will allow students to examine rap music and it's value as a form of poetry. Using modern (clean) lyrics, students can see the use of sophisticated rhyme and rhythm, as well as the themes explored.

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you make everyone else everyone else. This made me think of a form of poetry I've seen before. You take a newspaper story and black out almost everything except the words you choose for the poem. Great creative writing strategy!

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Poetry, Prose, Drama

Poetry Prose and Drama Printables and PostersAddresses CCS RL4.5- Explain major differences between poetry, prose, and dramaText Features of Poetry, Text Features of Prose, Text Features of DramaForms of Poetry, Forms of Drama, Forms of PoetryGraphic OrganizerDescription of poetryDescription of ProseDescription of DramaPoetry FormExamplePoetry activitiesCinquain

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Can click on the link at the bottom of the page to access more poetry resources. These worksheets have great descriptions of the different forms of poetry. Students can then create their own. Can be used during center time throughout a poetry unit.

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 Poems are usually divided into lines and then grouped into stanzas  Figurative language states ideas in new, creative ways  Sound devices enhance.

Found Poetry Becomes Art (Fine Lines)

This is such and fun and challenging form of poetry!

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Poetry Task Cards

Poetry Activity Cards! A great way to get students who say they don't like to write poetry, to join in the fun! Use at centers, as models for different forms of poetry and watch the fun begin! priced item

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How to Write a Haiku Poem

Haiku is an ancient form of poetry invented in Japan. People focus on the syllable counts, but that's just the basics. Here's how to write a haiku poem.

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Poetry Skills - Although this might be a little "young" for our age group, I think it gives an excellent description of different types of poems (which is something I've had to re-learn recently) and could still be used in 7th grade.

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This is an example of one of the handouts from The Teacher Next Door's Poetry Packet. The packet includes 21 different types of poetry forms with detailed directions, examples and student writing pages.

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Cut and Paste

Teaching Sonnet Structure High School Secondary English Language Arts with Stephen Crane's "Do Not Weep, Maiden, War is Kind"

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POETRY Graphic Organizer

Graphic organizer targeting all critical elements that students must identify to comprehend poems on a deep level: Identify poetic forms, identify poetic elements, sensory language, theme, rhyme scheme/structure, and make inferences about the poem. This could serve as practice with all of the skills most critical to understanding poetry as well as a bellringer/do-now by giving students a poem each week and having them complete a section each day.

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Definitions and examples of poetry terms / figures of speech - alliteration, rhyme, onomatopoeia, simile, metaphor

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