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Forms of Matter

Week 1 Reading Comprehension (C-1). A reading passage and comprehension questions about the different forms of matter. Cross-Curricular Focus: Physical Science.

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WATER CYCLE / CLOUDS / MATTER (Solids / Liquids / Gases) Interactive Notebook

3 STATES OF MATTER: solids, liquids, gases,boiling point, water vapor, freezing point, range of liquid temperatures, THE WATER CYCLE: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff, transpiration, infiltration, accumulation, forming of clouds, dust particles for clouds to form, TYPES OF CLOUDS: cumulus, stratus, cirrus, fog, cumulonimbus, nimbostratus, altostratus, altocumulus, low/middle/high clouds, and creating other types of clouds.


Matter Unit Evidence Based Passages, Experiments, and More!! from Big Ideas in Teaching By Emily on - (69 pages) - There are 5 lessons included in this Matter unit. Evidence based passages covering properties of matter, forms of matter, physical changes in matter, chemical changes in matter, and measuring matter.

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Solids, Liquids, and Gases: Forms of Matter Lapbook {flip book}

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Matter- Properties and Forms of Matter

2 MINIBOOKS are included in this pdf with complementary activities. 1. What is Matter? MinibookMatching Activity: Students will also complete a popcorn activity where they describe the properties of matter (their popcorn) using vocabulary from the minibook (observable properties, measureable properties). #matter

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31 Clever And Inexpensive Ideas For Teaching Your Child At Home

Make it rain jar It shows children the three forms of matter: liquid, gas, and solids