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For everyone who doesn't know what to do and doesn't know how they can be forgiven. Asking for forgiveness and proving that your sorry is all you can do. then give the rest to God

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Ought to, be praying for the day you come back to me Saying that you forgive me, give me another chance I'm needing it like a kidney. I don't wanna advance...give me back her hands. Give me back her touch.

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How do I make it up to you? Even when trying to, some people just don't know how to forgive, and for's their heart that is not understanding Christ's love. God doesn't expect perfect, only that we are humble enough to say "I'm sorry, I won't do it again, but make it up to someone is to restore things." but when someone rejects the "Make it up" it's then their problem of hard heartedness, and they need forgiveness from God for that.

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How to say I am sorry please forgive me where your boyfriend will believe you - Google Search

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A Betrayal / I cannot undo what I have done; I can't un-sing a song that's sung. And the saddest thing about my regret – I can't forgive me and you can't forget.” -Lang Leau

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My past will always hunt me but my future is bright and full of happiness. I have no clue how if you loved someone they go out of there way to destroy your life. I wasn't the perfect boyfriend but at the time I did the best with what I had I'll never forgive myself for not coming home and the things I did to you and what I put you through. That person is dead and gone and I hope I get to meet someone that was as good as you treat them the way they should be treated when you love somebody and…

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I've heard this a few times :)  And yes, I forgive him.

Please forgive me…

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I really didn't mean to ruin everything, I feel terrible about all the pain I have caused you. Please forgive me, Shannon. I miss my best friend.

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