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He wasn't the person who hurt me most. But he shut me out, sent me away & then wondered why I wouldn't (couldn't) come back. And I'm over him. But not quite over the pain and frustration. The wounds are still there.


Took me four years, but finally I begin to forget him in this year 5.. Then two nights ago, I have a dream and he is calling me on the phone to check on me in the dream. I haven't remembered my dreams in over 4 yrs.


yes you may miss him. every single little thing about him. but never forget what you deserve and always remember sometimes it's not the person you miss, only the memories.


Im trying my best to remember i've promised i will never remember you, but, i think ill still have some feelings for you, is that, you hurt me, you used me, and seeing you with a girl, telling her "you like her" kills me, no, no, remember, forget him, i just... i thought you really loved me, im so stupid, i just want o die, thanks for "everything" ...


damn stupid for telling you goodbye. I know you were in love with him, and I know it’s hard right now, but trust me, it will be ok. If he was able to say goodbye that easily, he wasn’t worth it. A wonderful man will come one day, when you least expect it, and make all of this hurt and heartbreak worth it. You’ve got me. It will be ok. You’re just one heartbreak closer to happily ever after.