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Brown long-eared bat. Equipped with ears almost the same length as its body, this widely distributed tree dweller, found in woodlands such as, Northamptonshire’s Fineshade Woods, doesn’t have to pursue prey in flight; it picks off invertebrates from leaves and bark. Credit: Getty.


North Swedish Draft Horse- from wiki - (Swedish: Nordsvensk brukshäst) is small heavy horse origin Sweden, considered light draft horse or "universal type horse", has lighter lines, bred for harness racing, active, tough, still used for forestry work.


Holyoke edible forest garden | Apios Institute | Edible Forest Garden Wiki - Useful Plant Species - Regenerative Agriculture - Edible Landscaping


If You Thought Trees Were Boring, These 10 Will Prove You Wrong. Trust Me.'s cool looking but I kinda feel bad for the tree, godmother would call this a tortured tree