World's Most Expensive Bridal Dresses [Price In Million Dollars] - B & G Fashion: It is true that bridal dresses and costumes are very expensive but in foreign countries most of the women love to wear most expensive dresses on their wedding day. in this collection we have brought World's Most Expensive Bridal Dresses [Price In Million Dollars]. hope you like it.

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Cambodia Is China's Newest Market For Foreign Brides - BuzzFeed News

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This article focuses on how it's become a necessity for Korean men (farmers and other non-urban dwellers mainly) to find a foreign bride. For a country so proud of their homogeneity, this influx of foreign brides…and mothers…may be causing some concerns about future generations. BUT in an interesting turn of events….Vietnamese brides now want to marry urban Korean men…and urban Korean men want Vietnamese wives who are more likely to fulfill traditional wifely roles.

Saudi Arabia. Saudi men now need government consent to take foreign brides—and if their true love happens to be an expatriate from Myanmar, Chad, Pakistan, or Bangladesh, they're out of luck completely, reports Makkah Daily via the Al Arabiya Network. Police have informed Saudi men that they're banned from marrying one of the 500,000 women in the kingdom from those four countries, though there's no word on why the nations were placed on the "do not marry" list.

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Photo Credit: Paa Kofi Hazel ( Dress: Pistis Ghana (

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