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Thumb Tendonitis (a.k.a. DeQuervain's Tendonitis) isn't just a thumb problem. It's part of a much larger dynamic including forearm muscles, nutritional insufficiency, and chronic systemic inflammation.


Forearm & Wrist Exerciser - twist the rod to bring a weight up from the floor. OT Students - Can you point to your wrist flexors and your wrist extensors? Where are these muscles?


Reduce anxiety, depression and irritability—in only two to three minutes. Location: On the inner side of the forearm, three finger widths up (toward the elbow) from the center of the wrist crease, in between two thick tendons. What to do: Place your thumb on this point and your fingers directly behind the outside of the forearm between the two bones. Squeeze this slowly and firmly, hold for two to three minutes, while breathing deeply. Repeat on the other arm for the same amount of time.