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Adding Central Air

Illustration by Alan Daniels | | from Adding Central Air


Heating Systems 101

Bob's Tip of the Day: Furnaces heat air. If your heating appliance heats water, then it’s a boiler. If your appliance sources heat from the air, the ground, or a water reserve, then it’s one of several types of heat pumps. If there are ducts through which warm air blows, then you have forced-air distribution. If you have baseboard radiators, your distribution system is hydronic (hot water). If the heat comes from your floors (or walls or ceiling), you use radiant heat distribution.


Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant heated floor diagram. For sure I will be having radiant heated floors in my forever home.


16 Ways to Warm Up a Cold Room

If you have forced-air heat, you can take advantage of several types of duct booster fans that are designed to increase the flow of warm (or cool) air through your ducts into a problem room. In-line duct booster fans fit inside standard-size metal ducts. You mount the blower near the outlet end of a duct and then install a pressure switch (some models have one built in), which senses air pressure from the furnace and turns on the booster fan whenever the furnace or A/C blower turns on. Some…


How to Heat a Garage

Keep from going stir crazy in the winter by heating your garage so you can work out there year-round. We'll show you two ways to keep your garage warm using natural gas heaters: a forced-air heater that works like a furnace and an infrared tube heater. Follow this advice to safely install your unit.


Convert your dryer vent air into heat for your home. Great way to keep the basement warm during laundry time.


Radiant Heat - Bob Vila Radio

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, radiant heat is more efficient than baseboard or forced air systems. Rather than just blowing hot air around the room in bursts, radiant systems slowly and steadily charge the floor with heat, keeping it where you want it, longer. Hydronic, or water-circulating, radiant systems are best for new construction or large additions. Electric radiant is an easy option for a smaller space like a bathroom and uses less than 15 cents of electricity per day!


The Sun 800 BTU Wall Mounted Solar Forced Air Panel Heater

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