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Air Pressure Experiment for Kids

Explaining the concept of air pressure to preschoolers can be tricky. It can sometimes be difficult for them to grasp the idea that spaces are filled with air, and that air can have force and move objects. This simple little experiment a great way to offer kids a visual demonstration of these concepts. They can...Read More »


Do You Know Any of These Pressure Points| Self Defense Tips- The best self defense moves are smart and don't need brute force for them to be effective. Here if you know a few pressure points you can down an opponent that is twice as big as you are.


FUN Science Idea~ To help young physicists understand that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction you'll need these items: flexible straw, ruler, straight pin, marker, round balloon, masking tape, and pencil with eraser. Great way to teach air pressure and thrust!


Love this interactive science site! My 3rd and 6th grader have learned about everything from the parts of a flower, to electrical currents and melting points. The games are really engaging; this has been a great supplement to our homeschooling.


This F-22 is pulling so many G-forces that the wave of low pressure behind it causes water to condense


hepatoma: Postmortem fetal extrusion, also known as “Coffin birth” is the process of a fetus being pushed through the vagina (much like live birth) of a pregnant decomposing corpse. The fetus is forced out the bloating of the body and by pressure of the gases in the abdominal due to decomposition. The fetus is seen below the body above, laying flat on the ground with the umbilical cord still attached.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars stuffed with Salted Caramel

Obama Gives Part of Arizona to Mexicans......US closes park land along Mexican border to Americans......every American needs to know our govt is NOT protecting our borders!!!!!!............FOX video here!!!!!!!!!!!

How Newton's Laws of Motion Work

Lesson Plan: Understanding Force and Motion - As a result of this activity, students will understand the relationship between the strength of a force and the effect on an object.


We never needed reasons to eat bananas, but here they are. Eat organic ones!