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Healthy Food #recipes; high in antioxidants. Good on the inside and on the outside!

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"When the body is acidic, it creates an environment for viruses and bacteria to flourish. The effect is a weakened immune system, frequent illness & infection and is considered part of the underlying disease process. Some of the common conditions related to acidity include osteoporosis, cancer and arthritis. Research shows that the pH of cancer tumors are always acidic but a diet high in alkaline minerals which raises the pH, helps to prevents cancer growth and cell mutation.

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Eating a diet high in #alkalinity is so important for health and prevention of all disease. A body that is to #acid is a breading ground for disease. How many do you eat daily in this picture above, not enough I'm sure. 7 out of the 11 ingredients in Balanced Green are listed in the picture above. IT MAKES IT SO EASY!!!

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Why Do A Colon Cleanse?

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How to Get Your Body in an Alkaline State by Avoiding Acidic Foods

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Shingles ~ Who knew that foods were part of what causes shingles, or at least keeps your immune system from fighting it off. Take Lysine supplements and eat foods high in Lysine to help fight this viral infection.

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Nourish your body: magnesium supports healthy digestion and strong muscles found in spinach avocados and yellow corn; antioxidants helps reduce inflammation and damaging free radicals found in broccoli, carrots, berries and mangos; alkaline balances acidic foods found in kale, lemons, limes and chard #plantbased #diet

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Alkaline Foods Chart - Each food is assigned a number, value of alkalinity (+) or acidity (-). The higher the number, the better it is for you to eat. {Printable} GOOD TO KNOW for the prevention of disease!

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Alkaline & Acidic foods. (Cancer cannot grow or survive in an alkaline diet. If you eat an acidic food, follow with alkaline)

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