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Selena, Cassandra, Orbela, Matthew, basically everyone in my school I'm sorry but this is me staring at u during snack

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Literally just drizzle some sort of sauce over some food and it becomes $120

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"Romaine" calm everyone ... it's FRIDAY!! So a question I've been asked a lot this week is where I sit on the whole "raw foods" bandwagon. To avoid having to repeat myself a million times I enlisted the help of a cute Instagram meme .. to distract you from my minor 2 minute rant (to come ..) Have you always wondered how to prepare produce in order to maximize their nutritional content? There's no easy answer since cooking powers up the nutrients in some produceand does the exact opposite…

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Truth About Waffles

Avoiding GMO Foods and living a healthy natural and organic lifestyle, Naturally Savvy makes it easy.– Up to date news and information about organic products and non-GMO foods. Visit us today!

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Yesterday I wanted a burrito. Today I am eating a burrito. Follow your dreams.

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Nutrition and BalloFlex...a great pair! Love the good fat. Food Humor #35

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//shine bright✧ 《pinterest: adriannahopexo》

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Image result for holidays fitness funny

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I like this fact. I'll use it next time someone gripes about my donut habits.

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