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Symbols from twelve world religious movements. Row 1: Bahá'í Faith, Buddhism Row 2: Christianity, Chinese folk religion, Hinduism, Islam Row 3: Jainism, Judaism, Paganism, Shinto Row 4: Sikhism, Taoism

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Jeff Nishinaka’s paper dragons. I often feel that Chinese "dragons" are overrepresented -- that the long does not get mentioned in Chinese folk religion and lore anywhere near as often as it does in western projections of Chinese lore -- but this papercraft image is just so damn cool.

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Unlocking the Voynich Manuscript: The Stars She is the sender of souls and the mother of the gods. In Finnish mythology a mysterious virgin by the name of Iro is said to have given birth to the three divine brothers at the beginning of times. In Finnish folk religion, the divine mother is the Virgin Mary (or 'Maaria' in Finnish) and she is remembered in songs and spells as a spiritual mother, healer, helper and protector of motherhood.

"Botánicas such as this one in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, cater to the Latino community and sell folk medicine alongside statues of Catholic saints, candles decorated with prayers, lucky bamboo, and other items."

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Folk Religion in China | Statue of a Taizu deity ( deified important ancestor) inside a temple ...

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