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1. Cut a straight line and then a "v" cut next to it. 2. Glue and hold the "v" cut together. 3. Pull open the straight cut and fill with glue (or scrap foam). Hold open until it dries. Then flip it over and then you will have a seamless layer


Our Foam Fusion is the ultimate EPS foam glue! It permeates the foam and bonds around its cells. Other glues containing solvents will dissolve foam over time, but our formula is solvent-free. Our glue is not affected by heat or cold as with glue guns. It works with most rigid foams including Styrofoam, and many soft foams. Foam Fusion bonds foam to almost any porous surface and is easy to apply - simply squeeze or brush on. Plus, Hot Wire Foam Factory tools will cut through this glue.


LOVE THIS ONE First, draw your image on to the craft foam and then trace over it a few times with the ballpoint pen, making sure to push down hard enough to permanently indent the foam. Remember that the image will be reversed when you stamp it - especially important if you want to include wording on your stamps. Trim your foam, glue it on to your handle, and stamp away! Easy peasy!


This was a fun card to make! I used the foam on the Dragonfly by cutting out the full shape Dragonfly thinlit twice so that I could glue it to the back of the piece. This way it really pops! The Designer paper is the inside flap! Thanks for lookin' :) Happy Stampin'!


Easy and cheap boob base tutorial (Original idea from atelierspana on Twitter) 1.Materials: 1/2 poly foam 5mm craft foam spandex fabric and paper for boob pattern. This cost me less than $15 and I have enough to make two sets of two. You'll also need a hot glue gun heat gun a round surface and straight pins. This is only the base for a fake boob tutorial by the Japanese cosplayer this idea came from. You can paint the fabric skin tone for Ryuko's transformation outfit from Kill La Kill or…