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Fly Graveyard Recipes

Up Your Pumpkin Game with These 6 Diorama Projects

A standard carved pumpkin is a Halloween staple, but did you know there is another super unique way to decorate these seasonal necessities? That's right, pumpkin dioramas are a different but equally as cute do-it-yourself project perfectly suited to add


Leftover Christmas pudding recipe

Leftover Christmas pudding recipe: Fruit squares will mop up your leftover pudding, mincemeat and cranberry sauce


Eccles cake - aKa Squashed Fly Cake, Fly Cake, Fly Pie, Fly's Graveyard - An Eccles cake is a small, round cake filled with currants and made from flaky pastry with butter, which is sometimes topped with demerara sugar.


How To Make Fireflies That Really Light Up — DIY Fireflies