If you're going to be feminine and use flowers to represent you or your work, then its best to know what the flowers represent. Who you are and how you chose to present yourself, is important.

Meaningful flowers for your bouquet

Different types of flowers have different meanings. Think about the flowers you want in your bouquet. Why not choose flowers that have a symbolic meaning to complete your special day? Use Kate Midd…

Don't know the name of your succulent or cactus plant? This great Compendium of 127 Stunning Desert Plants and Succulents may help. Image shared with permission of ftd.com . For help on propagating succulents please visit thegardeningcook.com

Propagating Succulents - How-to Tutorial

Tienda Online de microscopio - Suculentas

Tienda Online de microscopio - Suculentas: Oh I so needed this. Half of the nurseries here don't know which succulent is called what.

Seating chart for backyard wedding / http://www.himisspuff.com/creative-seating-cards-and-displays/9/

100 Insanely Creative Seating Cards and Displays

Green Flowers

Third In Our Series On Color – Green

Let’s talk about Indoor Plants. I will admit that I have had many a challenges with keeping them alive…from the Ficus Tree that I brought into the bathroom every time I took a shower so it can feel like it was in the Tropics…to the Countless Zebra Plants that I made Humidifying Tents to then …

Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive With This Valuable Information

THIS IS NOT A TEMPLATE - you provide your guest names by table, I create and you print !! This listing is for an oversize (poster size) Seating Chart as shown above - guest names arranged by table - which uses Vintage decorative script in antique gold with Romantic Blooms floral elements. THIS IS NOT AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD! A hi-res print file with your personal details will be emailed within 96 hours (4 business days) of your payment being received. Please send your names, date and guest na...

Wedding Seating Chart | By Table | Various Sizes | Vintage | Antique Gold | Floral Options | I Create and You Print

Wedding Seating Chart - Large Poster - Romantic Blooms - Vintage Gold Script - Personalized - I Create and You Print

Reflect your personal style in your home's landscape by starting with the garden. Customize the space by incorporating a pretty rock garden. Get design inspiration from these low-maintenance (and pretty) perennials, annuals, blooms and shrubs. Landscaping made easy!

Best Plants for Rock Gardens

Commonly called Basket of Gold, perennial alyssum makes a wonderful wall or rock garden plant. Every spring it develops masses of cheerful yellow flowers that look terrific tucked between rocks and boulders. Alyssum grows inches tall and thrives in fu

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Succulent identification chart & growing info, climate zones, conditions, etc. for a wide variety of succulents *probably the best succulent list I have seen yet.

All you need to know to care for Hydrangea

Tips for growing Hydrangea

Blooms in midsummer producing large, pure white clusters that are perfect for cutting. Plant Name: Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle' Growing Conditions: Part shade and moist, well-drained soil Size: To 5 feet tall and wide Zones: