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Flow Coefficient

(free) This sheet walks kids through how to factor trinomials with no GCF (without guessing and checking!) and also a flowchart that classifies types of polynomial factoring and how to tackle each type.


Liquid Sculptures Highlight the Beauty in Fluid Dynamics

Fluid dynamics is beautiful and complex, with no single, simple equation to govern its dynamic behaviour. The mathematics is monstrous, with scaling factors, coefficients, and exponents customized to each fluid to reflect the quirks of its behaviours. Yet in practice, a single splash is simple beauty.


Pressure coefficient and Mach contours illustrate the flow past the Space Shuttle Launch Vehicle 60 seconds after liftoff. (Investigators: Reynaldo Gomez, NASA/Johnson Space Center; Stuart Rogers, NASA/Ames; Image: Edward Tejnil, NASA/Ames)


Diagram AD6. Pressure coefficients (Cp) of a multi-element wing. Each successive element is positioned with precision to complement and harness the flow from the previous element.

Boxed Up to Go by Adam Summers, Scientists visualized the flow of water around a boxfish by placing neutrally buoyant beads in the water and filming the beads as they swept past plastic models of the fish. The drag coefficient of the boxfish is just 0.2, which is comparable to some streamlined airfoils, and falls well below 1.5, the drag coefficient of a flat-faced box. The edges of the bony box act as keels and passive stabilizers assisting the fish in diving and…

13 carsthatnevermadeit: Nissan AD 1 concept 1975. AD for Advanced Design the AD1 was an aerodynamic mid-engined prototype which had a 0.26 drag coefficient (cd). Cooling air was channeled from the front of the car to the central engine avoiding the need for side-scoops which would have interrupted the smooth flow of air over the cars flanks #cars


International Journal of Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering (IJMECH) ISSN: 2200 - 5854 DYNAMIC AERODYNAMIC-STRUCTURAL COUPLING NUMERICAL SIMULATION ON THE FLEXIBLE WING OF A CICADA BASED ON ANSYS ABSTRACT Most biological flyers undergo orderly deformation in flight, and the deformations of wings lead to complex fluid-structure interactions. In this paper, an…

Hanna-Instruments HI3001 PEI and PVDF Flow Through Conductivity 4 Ring Probe with Platinum Sensor, DIN Connection, 3m Cable, 3/4" x 1/2" NPT Male by Hanna Instruments. $149.08. The Hanna Instruments HI 3001 is a submersible flow-through four-ring monitoring electro-conductivity (EC) electrode with a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) sensor for Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), a nontoxic polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) body with polyetherimide (PEI) protective...

Glittering Metallic Pavilion Morphs Itself As Temperature Changes (Video)

made out of 14,000 pieces of bimetallic material called "thermobimetal" -- usually found in the coils of a house thermostat. This composite metal is made up of two or more layers which have different expansion coefficients. In other words, when the temperature changes, the metals expand at different rates, curling up or down, giving the appearance of a reactive skin