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Florence Owens Thompson (1903-1983). She was the subject of Dorothea Lange's photo "Migrant Mother" (1936).

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I remember seeing this photo what a image of the depression, if I am right . Black and white you can not be there it

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This is the Wikipedia entry on Florence herself--which has the iconic photo, as well as the other five photos taken. And SUCH great info on Florence. || Florence Owens Thompson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Thompson (seated) with three of her daughters, (from l. to r.) Katherine, Ruby and Norma, in 1979—43 years after Migrant Mother

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20.) A mother is consumed by her worries and watches over her children during the Dust Bowl (1936). This photo of Florence Owens Thompson is actually one of the photos on this list that became quite famous in its own right.

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Dorothea LANGE :: another shot of Florence Owens Thompson, the Migrant Mother, 1936 /// Florence Owens Thompson was the subject of Dorothea Lange’s photo Migrant Mother. The image of a worn, weather-beaten woman, a look of desperation on her face that has become a photographic icon of the Great Depression in America.

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Who Was Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother?

Florence Owens Thompson's response to "Migrant Mother" and how the photograph would serve her later in life.

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NIPOMO, CALIFORNIA—MARCH, 1936: Dorothea Lange captured an immigrant mother, Florence Owens Thompson, with her seven children. Called "Migrant Mother," Thompson became the face of America's resilience and the Great Depression.