Florence Lawrence (January 2, 1890[1] – December 28, 1938) in better days. She is considered to be the first movie star and the first Hollywood star to die tragically. Lawrence ingested cough syrup and ant paste at her home in West Hollywood. Accounts differ as to how Lawrence was discovered; some media accounts say her neighbor, Marian Menzer, heard her screams while others say that Lawrence called Menzer herself stating that she poisoned herself.

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The First Movie Star Florence Lawrence "The Imp Girl" Francis X. Bushman Profile

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Florence Lawrence, called the Biograph Girl. She was the first silent film starlet but now little is known about her. She died at a young age by injesting poison. Her grave is in California and a cage of peacocks sits atop of the grave..saw it in LA..so interesting and so tragic!!!

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Florence Lawrence "The Biograph Girl" First star to be named in early silents

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Florence Lawrence

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The first movie star Florence Lawrence

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