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Tannoy Precision 6.2 Floorstander Loudspeaker Have a look at the beautiful Tannoy Precision 6.2 Floorstander Loudspeake, with the satin dark walnut finish. Tannoy Precision is a new upper level loudspeaker range that combines audiophile detail and delicacy with remarkable musical dynamics. Visually the Precision line boasts contemporary cabinets with cutting edge fit, finish, and features. Audio Emotion Limited's photos


ZENSOR-7. As the big brother of the ZENSOR series, the DALI ZENSOR 7 loudspeaker is a very strong and fine hi-fi floor standing speaker with a beautiful finish. The ZENSOR series are affordable quality loudspeakers with origin in DALI’s high-end heritage.


Wilson Benesch A.C.T. One Evolution P1


Cerwin Vega NE10. 18 inch woofer, 12 inch lower-mid, upper mid horn and horn tweeter. Instant divorce size :) ..... what a brute. Uber Cool vintage speakers from a time when men where men ;)


I was getting ready to load these floor speakers in the car and take them to Goodwill, when I realized how cool the design below the covers was. Since I had been looking for a coffee table for a while, I immediately saw the potential here. All it took what a 1/4" sheet of glass cut to fit, and you can see the results for yourself in the picture. =)


Pioneer CS-903 Floor Standing Speakers With Stands