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Floor preparation before you install your laminate flooring

Biomechanical scientist Katy Bowman on how to teach your body how to squat propperly. Great for restoring the pelvic floor after baby. Squatting works your whole pelvic floor and surrounding muscles, as opposed to Kegels, which only isolate one muscle, and which Katy says are not good.


Downham Market

Liquid Screed pumping is a high value company offering floor screed, liquid floor screed contractor and under floor heating specialists operating throughout the UK. Visit at:

Home Depot Tool Rental Centers offer a couple of options for concrete floor preparation. These tools are great for a pro or DIYer and can be used to remove epoxies, mastics and other adhesives.


Install Allure ISOCORE yourself using easy drop-and-lock installation. The endjoints lock together to create a 100% waterproof flooring that is perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens and basement. Allure ISOCORE floats over your existing floor with no adhesives or glue. No heavy tools are required for installation and minimal floor preparation is needed. Allure ISOCORE is exclusively available at The Home Depot.


ishigami 2

Junya Ishigami’s proposal for a house in a little forest, Japan. An interesting project for a house that combines the needs of everyday living with the novelty and escape of a vacation home. The house rises a total of eleven stories; each floor is dedicated to a single, small square room. The basic functions suited for daily life are located in the bottom few floors where they are accessible to the occupants and where the majority of habitation will occur.