My past does not exist, my future is unwritten, the present is all I have, the love I hold for someone gone who cannot see the truth, for what we had is not a lie, a story left unwritten. SD

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.Starboy smirks with one of his hands up against the wall, "I saw you staring at me." I (Genevieve) turned around to him and smirked right on back, "Maybe you caught me staring," then I took another step closer to him raising my eyebrows, "But I caught you staring back." He raised a hand and shoved my shoulder, laughing, and I turned and walked back.

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"I don't flirt, I just talk. It's not my fault everything I say is smoother than the cream cheese spread on your bagel."

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Mmhmm.. And don't be afraid that you'll hurt me, or weird me out.. Because I really, really, like it. Really. ;-) goodnight, you. ❤

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So have to learn this one. I have the flirting down, it's the latter part that needs work. lol

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