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25 Giant Bunnies So Big They Could Destroy You

Flemish Giant Rabbit - Not really feasible for meat production, but I really want one for a pet. I will hug him and hold him and call him George. ;)

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I mean I want a dog when I grow up, but I kind of also want a giant rabbit, just look at this thing

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Flemish Giant Rabbit Tote Bag

flemish giant rabbits | Bunny Gifts > Bunny Bags > Flemish Giant Rabbit Tote Bag

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I say Watson, I believe that's a clue over there...I don't know why this made me laugh so much but it did!

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Flemish Giant Rabbits, a Pet Owner's Guide to Flemish Giant Bunnies How to Care for Your Flemish Giant, Including Health, Breeding, Personality, Lifespan, Colors, Diet, Facts and Clubs cover image

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Community Post: 10 Things You Wouldn't Expect Bunnies To Do

Herman—a giant German rabbit—may be the world’s largest rabbit, tipping the scale at over 17 pounds.

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Darius The Giant Bunny

Darius The Giant bunny but I doubt that little girl is holding 50lbs...she weighs 40.

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can I come in please? Reminds me of when Rabbit and Tasha (the Irish Setter) would be looking in the patio door.

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