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Did you know a roof garden can....

I am so fascinated with Urban Ecology, particularly rooftop gardens! Goal: explore ways to make cities and the environment more compatible.


"If extension balcony a no go then maybe just a green roof with sky lights into kitchen e.g."En Socyr somos especialistas en Impermeabilizacion con epdm resitrix totalmente adherido para Cubiertas ajardinadas.Colaboramos con la empresa especialista en cubiertas ajardinadas llamada ZINCO . Jorge del préstamo es el técnico en España .Green roofs insulate like a blanket, saving energy; they provide natural habitats for birds, butterflies, honeybees, lady bugs, and migrating birds. On this…


BlueMax Ruberrized sealant to seal walls from water. Use for flat roofs, root cellars, cisterns, etc.


***This is an awesome dog house! Insulated, windwall, flat roof with hinge, and overhang. They also have a sliding door added to the outside. I'm wondering if that would solve the feeding concerns? Dogs are fed penned in their houses, and then let back out after meal? No fights, and dogs would feel secure. It would also be possible to monitor dogs appetites even while living communally.